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The following are meal prices for the current school year.

Breakfast free Reduced price $0.30
Lunch $2.10 Reduced price $0.40
Extra Milk $0.40
Adult Lunch $2.75 Adult Breakfast $1.50

Meal money is to be sent in an envelope with
Child's name
Parent/Guardian's name
Teacher's name
Amount enclosed

These envelopes are kept for future reference.

Please make sure you have all the above information on the envelope.

Credit for school meals is not the policy of Webb City School District. However, if a child forgets to bring his/her money, (s)he may charge, but not to accumulate more than five (5) meals or milks. After five (5) charges, your child will be asked to bring his/her lunch until this bill is paid in full. The lunch clerk will send home billing statements periodically when there is a balance owing in the account.

Parents who desire to eat with their child need to make advanced arrangements. Parents should notify the school before 9:00 if they want to purchase a school lunch.